Your Hustle Income Plan: Isn't It Time To Earn More?

COVID19 resulted in EVERYTHING has gone remote. How does this impact your offerings and the way you do business?

After the pandemic, companies will be looking for contractors, do you have skill that you could offer?

The online contract marketplace is exploding, how can you participate?

Do you have obvious markets that you never targeted before?

Some lines of work disappear and many more companies will close. are you ready to pivot?

This is a good time to get started, reboot or expand?

Build Your Profitable Income Plan Which Includes:

Your Dream Hustle & Client

Identify your options for business success and your dream client.

Branding & Marketing

Select branding elements and outline tactics to capture customers.

Rival Analysis

Learn from your competitors and compete stronger. 


Work on the foundational elements to build a successful hustle.  

Create Your Income Plan During Four Sessions

Next Class - Saturday, April 3rd - 10 AM to 2 PM ET


Our Guarantee-we work with you until your income plan is complete!

Complete your income plan so you can begin prospering from a lucrative side hustle. No more procrastinating. Get started right away! NOTE - Once You Download the Course Materials There Are No Refunds


"Angela is a nationally sought after public speaker and subject matter expert with good reason. She’s that good. I highly recommend Angela as a keynote speaker, author, trainer, and business coach."   Elisse Barnes

"Angela Heath has a keen ability to understand issues and make practical recommendations for business development. Not only is she a serious professional, she is a caring individual.Paul Burden

"Angela genuinely cares about people and makes consistent strong efforts to provide the tools and instructions so people can fish for themselves. There are givers and takers in this world and Angela is an exponential giver with a high-quality gift!" Katherine Douglas

"Angela’s expertise & energy around how to re-purpose everyday skills into practical, meaningful side work has made her an invaluable adviser and trainer for our group." Shira Harrington

"Angela Heath is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to helping folks identify their passion(s); and then turning them into income-producing ventures. She brings a sound, logical approach to her training and consulting which helps to motivate and push clients to the next level." Fay Mays Bester

Angela Heath is an award-winning entrepreneur as seen on:

For over 20 years, I was blessed to lead a successful consultancy, win national awards and create educational and behavioral change programs. I have traveled to every state except five, speaking and training. When my son got diagnosed with cancer, I didn't work for years. I had to reboot and start another company taking advantage of technology and online training tools. My programs change lives for people who are willing to take action. I got the nickname Gig Income Guru because I help clients earn revenue using what they already know and present-day simple technology. Angela Heath

Program Materials

Your Side Hustle Income Planning Guide and session recordings to review at your leisure.

BONUS BOOK - This is the only book providing strategies and resources to succeed in the online gig marketplace. Good for all ages.

2 CHECKLIST SERIES - You get two step-by-step startup checklists - The Business & Social Media checklist AND The Sales Funnel checklist