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Teach Your Genius for Freelancers

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If you’re feeling burnt out by your services-based business & dreaming about leveraging your skills so you can transform more lives while expanding your business…then you're in the right spot.

Question: Ever thought about creating an online course, but didn’t know where to start?

If you are anything like me, you don’t want to create a course just for course creation’s sake. You want to create a course because you truly want to reach more people with your genius. YES, you do have a genius that others will pay to learn.

Which means? You want to make sure your course is high-quality, makes sense in your overall business plan & can provide you with long-term, semi-passive income…not “flash in the pan” overnight success. You may be thinking:

  • But where do you even start?
  • Outlining lessons?
  • Picking a name?
  • A platform?
  • What about a price?

On one hand, it all seems so complex and overwhelming. AND, Let’s be honest: You DREAD the thought of creating a course that ends up in someone’s digital junk drawer!

Well, here’s the good news, friend…

If you want to create a high-quality course that actually sells and delivers on its promise…

You CAN Craft an Online Course To Expand Your Influence and Increase Your Revenue–Even If You’re Not a Tech Guru, Mega Influencer or You Don't Know If You Are Really An Expert!


You're in luck!

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Here's what you will learn...

Lesson 1: The Secret to Course Success? Choose a Topic That THRILLS Your Fans

Truth bomb: No matter what topic you think you want to create a course about, chances are one (or 100) already exist. So, how do you know if you should add your version to the throng?  The secret lies in choosing a specific topic that thrills your fans and followers–one they’ll be happy to pay for. Lesson 1 will teach you exactly how to find a topic that pays!

Lesson 2: Why Picking the Perfect Name Will Make or Break Your Course

Here’s the deal: Once you’ve found the perfect topic, your work isn’t over. It actually doesn’t matter how great the topic is, if the name falls flat no one will ever click “buy”! That’s why choosing a specific, selectively-targeted name for your course is so important. Not sure how to do that? No problem. Lesson 2 will teach you the exact, expert-tested techniques you can use to dig deep & find the perfect name for your profitable course.

Lesson 3: The Best Way to Design Fun + Valuable Lessons

By now, you’ve identified your ideal student, come up with an awesome angle, and even picked a specific course name so clear it sells itself. Now it’s time to step out of the research zone and into the doing zone–and start designing a dynamic, transformative course all your own! Lesson 3 will teach you everything you need to do to create memorable course content that’s fun, fresh & actually gets people results.

Lesson 4: 4 Key Reasons to Get Help Building Your Course

Courses can take work, but the good news is you don’t have to do it all yourself! Hiring the right freelancers or team members means you can make your fantastic course happen AND keep your business growing at the same time! Lesson 4 covers the ins & outs of outsourcing, automating & leveraging other specialists’ skills, instead of trying to do it all from scratch.

Hi, I 'm Angela Heath, your Gig Income Guru. I had a successful consulting company for 20 years, then the unthinkable happened. My 12-year-old son was diagnosed with cancer and relapsed a few years after the first course of treatment. I went on a 4.5-year journey in the nerve-wrecking, complicated, life-consuming medical world. I closed my company and sold everything to take care of my son. (Thank God that I am blessed and my first company was successful enough to sustain us.) I had no choice but to learn how to earn more and examine new streams of income. You should too. The government shut-down and the coronavirus have proven this. I encourage you, there are more opportunities available to you than you realize. There are people who want to learn what you know. Teach your genius. You will never regret it!


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Normal price: $197  

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